Saturday, June 18, 2005


Linux distro review

This is probably the first time I have posted a new entry in my blog in such a short interval. I am a big fan of Debian and Gentoo. I personally feel that these two are the best distributions that I have seen. Debian does a lot of things right, at the same time Gentoo does things as well as Debian. I would say the best distribution would a be mixture of Debian and Gentoo and should be called Debtoo!!! ;) Things apart lets get back to topic Linux distro review. I haven't used so many distros that I would be writing reviews. I saw this review of distros posted on TipMonkies, I would say its a very good article and would recommend it to people who would want to give Linux a try for the first time. A lot of time I have friends ask me which distro of Linux to use as a first time user. I guess I can point them to this article so that they can make their choice rather than me. If you feel that you would require me to help you administer your system then I would suggest using Debian or Gentoo as I can administer them with greater ease, is what I would sign off with.


Linux 2.6.12 is released with my name!!!

Linus today announce the release of 2.6.12 version of the Linux kernel in this post. With this release my name is included in the Linux kernel for bug fix. You can look at the ChangeLog-2.6.12 and search for my name in it you will notice that I submitted the following

[PATCH] ASYNC IO using signals other than SIGIO

I am part of history now!!!

How cool is that!!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005


RAID experience

We use RAID 5 using 3ware Escalade 8506-8 for a file server in our lab. RAID appears to be great as long as it works. But it can also turn out to be a nightmare when things go bad. We had drives crash in our RAID server. Since we are using RAID 5 we have 6 drives in the array and 2 hot spare drives. Here we have 2 spare drives and we had one drive that had already crashed and well since the notification system had not been setup because when got the storage the distributor gave us only 32bit version of the monitoring system, we were running 64bit operating system. We never got any indication that the system RAID array was in a degraded state. Well guess what happened next one more drive failed and down went our RAID array and along with it went our data. We lost quite a bit of data. Well now I have the 3ware Disk Management system running and monitoring the array and sending notification if anything goes wrong. We have our replacement drives in and well we have one more drive that needs to be replaced and after that we will have array all set once again. Well you think you paid a lot of money to get a great RAID card well to tell you the truth 3ware Esclade 8506 isnt the best RAID controller around. They dont do have native SATA support, its just 63bit 66MH PCI 2.2 controller. Its not even a PCI-X controller. It doesnt support RAID level migration. On the whole its not a great card for the price that you pay.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005



Summer... when is it going to be around. Seems like summer is going to be here finally. Enough of waiting for the sun to shine on the face of the earth. Whats the best part of summer is slacking, I love slacking. Life is so simple during summer, only while you are still at school. You dont need to get up early, you can wait till the sun has reached its zenith. Take your own sweet time to get to school and then start your days work. Before you know it, the day is over and you are at home and what are you doing... you bet slacking... I love summer and slacking. If anyone wants to disagree well then they dont know how to enjoy the summer. Enjoy the sun while you can.

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